Commissions and Bespoke Jewellery

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Commissioning a piece of jewellery is ideal if you’re interested in co-designing your own statement piece or looking for a personalised gift. It is the epitome of meaningful jewellery created with your personal style in mind.  

How do you go about it? 

To brief a commission, start with an idea of the final wearer and budget. Is it a ring or neckpiece you have in mind? Remember, this is an investment for that special piece. It will ultimately be a piece of customised wearable art, so choosing a designer whose style resonates with you is key. 


“When clients ask me to create something, they’re either very specific or don’t know where to start. And either works fine. Commissions are very special for me as a designer. They are very personal for the client, so getting to know the subject and theme are crucial for me to generate ideas. I then pour all my energy and passion into getting the piece just right for them. It means a lot as the moment they hand the gift over, that’s when they get the satisfaction of knowing they got it right!” 


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The Stages and a Few Tips when Commissioning a Bespoke Design with Vanessa Ree Jewellery.

  1. Have in mind the item of jewellery, the personality and style of the persons the piece is for and a budget. Vanessa may ask you for some references that represent the person. This will help her develop creative ideas for the piece. If you're unsure of a budget, Vanessa will guide you on the materials and types of jewellery that affect the piece.

  2. Based on an agreed theme, jewellery pieces, timings and ballpark budget Designs are created created.

  3. Vanessa will present her designs -  sketches, descriptions and executional references from which to chose.

  4. As the client, you can make a selection from the proposed designs and agree the final budget. This is the most important part of the process as only minimal changes can be made to the piece once in production.

  5. Vanessa then crafts the piece of jewellery. This will take some weeks depending on the amount of work involved. But rest assured, work in progress photographs will be shared during this process and as with every commission, the piece only really comes together upon final polishing and finishing.

  6. The final piece will be beautifully presented in a gift box with delicate wrapping.


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Still not sure? Well here’s what some Vanessa Ree clients had to say of their commission experience:

“Vanessa was very clear from the outset of the design process and gave me a budget range from the very beginning. I’d never commissioned a piece of jewellery before but was really reassured by  how straight up she was for the start and her professionalism in general. She asked me loads of questions about who the gift was for so she could get a really clear picture of what was important and came back to me with a loads of design concepts - it was really hard to chose just one! Then she gave me a final price and she stuck to that. The piece was a gorgeous, a real hit with my mother in law and she delivered it in time for the birthday.” Niamh Tottenham

"I’ve had four pieces made by Vanessa, one of which was a square bangle. She measured me twice for this during the manufacture process, to ensure it fit absolutely perfectly." Georgina Kenny  

"I wanted to give my daughter a gift for completing her Masters. She adores earrings - they’re really the only type of jewellery she wears. I showed Vanessa what I was thinking of - a beech leaf - and we went from there. During the design process, I gave her two pieces of feedback and once she understood where my concern lay she found a perfect solution. I must admit though it was only when I saw the final polished earrings that I really saw how gorgeous they were. She designed them in her own unique style which I didn’t fully appreciate until the finished product, but they came out really well and my daughter adored them.” Helen Gibson Brabazon


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