Vanessa launched her business early 2020, on the cusp of the pandemic. Unfazed, knowing there was  little she could do about these macro issues, Vanessa carried on. She was committed to her philosophy of creating statement, meaningful jewellery for women to feel empowered, embracing their own unique style.

With nearly 20 years in the creative advertising industry, Vanessa re-appraised her life and decided to throw herself into her real passion - contemporary concept jewellery. Having learned her skills at both NCAD and then the School of Jewellery, Ireland under the tutelage of Paul Coyne, Vanessa launched her jewellery brand "Vanessa Ree" specialising in contemporary, handcrafted concept jewellery. Why "Ree"? Because very few people can spell "Murtagh" correctly and Ree reflects one of her favourite places, Lough Ree, on the Shannon, from whence she hails.

Using a variety of precious metals and alternative materials, Vanessa combines traditional handcrafted techniques with modern product design to create what she calls "wearable art". 

To me wearing your own unique style is a form self expression, of way of speaking without words. I design jewellery not just for its aesthetic, but because I believe in the power of what "meaningful" can hold for people.  

As a strong and brave woman, Vanessa believes in writing your own life's story. That is what motivated her to change career and launch an original Irish jewellery design brand. It is also what motivates her design style. Her work reflects themes that are relatable for modern women in all their guises, in particular her Adversity and Follow Your Own Path Collections. 

My pieces are the antithesis of fast fashion. They are designed to hold a personal meaning for the wearer, one from which they can draw strength and feel like they are wearing something beautiful that reflects their personality. 

Vanessa lives in Co. Kildare, Ireland  where she is the dominant matriarch, surrounded by men - her husband, two sons and dog, Henry. She embraces her own flexible working style that allows for creativity and quality time with her sons - as she says "they're only on loan to me" then they'll be making their own way in life and I will know I've taught them the power or pursuing your dream, being your own boss and defining your own path in life.