10 Tips for Summer Jewellery Care - An Expert's Guide


We all love to show off our best when the sun comes out, especially on Holidays. So here’s a few tips on caring for your jewellery in the summer sun.

  1. Sterling silver doesn’t like moisture of any sort. To avoid tarnishing best not to wear silver jewellery in the pool or the sea. Your jewellery will thank you for it! 
  2. Same goes when you’re applying suncream, aftersun, repellent or a gentle spritz of perfume - make sure they are well dried in before donning your favourite silver jewellery.
  3. I’m always conscious of wearing any jewellery while sea swimming - the sea with its sand and salt can be rough on your jewellery: the clasps, the findings. If you do wear some real gold jewellery whilst bathing in the pool or the sea, be sure to wash in warm soapy water and clean with a soft toothbrush and dry fully with a soft cloth afterwards.
  4. Rings - be mindful that your hands swell in the heat. If a ring is already a snug fit, why not leave it at home when you head to the sun. 
  5. It feels lovely to run your hands through the sand on the beach. But your rings won’t love it. Sand will scratch and mark your jewellery - so best to leave the good pieces locked up in the safe so you can wear them later in all their sparkle.
  6. Pack your jewellery like a pro. To avoid scratching and damaging individual pieces of jewellery, it is best to individually pack your jewellery in small plastic bags or soft cloth bags. The benefit of plastic is that it protects against moisture, but you want to stop them coming into contact with each other. As an aside pearls do not like plastic - it dries them out!
  7. Know what your jewellery is made of - gold vermeil, gold filled, gold plated are more like to wear when exposed to pool and sea water, creams & lotions and particularly repellent and other chemicals.
  8. When cleaning your gold jewellery - use a soft tooth brush, some mild soap and warm water and dry completely with a soft glasses cloth or similar. For an extra shine - get in touch with your local jeweller who can offer a professional polish for you.
  9. Safety - I always store my precious jewellery in the safe. Peace of mind cannot be undervalued.
  10. If the worst comes to the worst and you need to contact your insurance company about claiming for your jewellery - remember to take pre holiday selfies. Save yourself some headaches when dealing with the insurance company.

Wear your favourite jewellery in the summer sun and now with these tips for proper care, you can enjoy it for many summers to come.