Celtic jewellery  reflecting modern Ireland - a Stag Brooch in 18ct gold handmade in Ireland
Jewellery with Meaning - The Story Behind the Stag

By Vanessa Murtagh on Sep 21, 2022

What influences a design is central to how I create my jewellery. Here's the story of what inspired my design for the Stag and what influenced its visual look, part of the beautiful and iconic Irish Animal Jewellery Collection. This is a piece that resonates because it reflects modern Ireland by representing a native Irish Animal  in a clean and graphic piece of wearable art that is designed and made here in Ireland.  

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hibernia hallmark applied to validate value of gold in Ireland
The Value of Gold

By Vanessa Murtagh on Jun 13, 2022

Why Gold is so valuable, what carat means when it comes to gold, how you can tell and why Hallmarking is important.

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