Designer exhibition in Cork @ the Glucksman
Designer exhibition in Cork @ the Glucksman

By Vanessa Murtagh on Nov 01, 2022

A leading National Design & Craft Fair is kicking off next Friday in the Glucksman, located in the heart of the University College Cork campus. I’m thrilled to confirm I’ve been invited to participate in...

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Celtic jewellery  reflecting modern Ireland - a Stag Brooch in 18ct gold handmade in Ireland
Jewellery with Meaning - The Story Behind the Stag

By Vanessa Murtagh on Sep 21, 2022

What influences a design is central to how I create my jewellery. Here's the story of what inspired my design for the Stag and what influenced its visual look, part of the beautiful and iconic Irish Animal Jewellery Collection. This is a piece that resonates because it reflects modern Ireland by representing a native Irish Animal  in a clean and graphic piece of wearable art that is designed and made here in Ireland.  

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hibernia hallmark applied to validate value of gold in Ireland
The Value of Gold

By Vanessa Murtagh on Jun 13, 2022

Why Gold is so valuable, what carat means when it comes to gold, how you can tell and why Hallmarking is important.

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Ireland - A Creative Powerhouse
Ireland - A Creative Powerhouse

By Vanessa Murtagh on Mar 11, 2022

Last week I had the pleasure and honour of exhibiting at Showcase, Ireland’s Creative Trade Expo. It was my first time exhibiting and I was truly blown away by strength of our creative businesses. So much so I have to share with you some of my particular heroes and why I love them.

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Working while cuddling my son
Celebrating the strength of Women on International Women’s Day

By Vanessa Murtagh on Mar 08, 2022

This international Woman’s Day I want to applaud all the women that have proven their resilience and battled through the last few years of this relentless multitasking. And say I stand with you in our charge for a more equal society.

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Gold jewellery explained
What is ‘Gold’ Jewellery ?

By Vanessa Murtagh on Feb 16, 2022

When is "Gold" Jewellery actually made of real gold and tips on how to check before buying, plus different types of "gold jewellery" explained.

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Statment stud earrings in gold, perfect for video call and facemask wearing
Wearing Jewellery in a pandemic

By Vanessa Murtagh on Apr 02, 2021

Facemasks and video calls are commonplace these days and will continue to be so for some time still. While it's important to adapt to this new world, it's equally if not more important to try and feel like ourselves as much as possible. It's important for our mental health and to help us cope with the enormity of a global pandemic and still carry on. So here's a few tips and thoughts on some ways you can do this. If wearing some earrings makes you feel a bit happier the why not?!

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feel the fear and do it anyway
Being in Creative Lockdown

By Vanessa Murtagh on Feb 19, 2021

In this blog I discuss the challenges of creativity whilst in lockdown. I reflect on the value of creativity in our lives during a pandemic and reveal how I've adapted to finding inspiration in different sources despite being in lockdown. Have a read and hope you enjoy.

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Handcrafted, contemporary design silver and gold rings
Having my say - about jewellery

By Vanessa Murtagh on Nov 24, 2020

So here I go. My first blog. Ever. Apparently I need to be doing this to gain traction to my website. And it shows that I'm an expert in my field. I never really feel like an expert tbh. When it comes to cre...

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