Celtic jewellery  reflecting modern Ireland - a Stag Brooch in 18ct gold handmade in Ireland

Jewellery with Meaning - The Story Behind the Stag

I don’t know about you, but I love to know the story behind a piece of art. I don’t just mean the technical aspects that we learned in our leaving cert. I mean the stories of influence and inspiration.  So I’m here to explain the story behind the Stag, and what inspired the aesthetic of the piece.

stag brooch makes the perfect christmas gift

Inspiration is all around us

As a designer, artist, and maker of fine jewellery, I am acutely aware of my surroundings. I live in the Irish countryside and in my past life that meant a hefty commute to Dublin for work. 

But it was worth it to let my soul breathe, at the weekends anyways. 

Now I’m surrounded by our Irish landscape of quintessentially green hills, dotted with sheep. Our emerald green fields where cows and horses roam ‘free range’. Because we don’t do it any other way. Our forests where deer surprise you on your morning stroll. Or not. Because we’re so used to it around here anyway.


The Stag Brainwave

It was one of these encounters that gave rise to the stag. In my past life, when I used to commute home a ridiculous hours for Dublin the last stretch of road was a local country road that winds around ditches and hedges.


As I approached one for these bends in the road, the hedgerow in front of me was illuminated by the car headlights and there, in all his magnificence was the head and antlers of a stag. 


It was wonderful. A striking moment.


An image that burned itself in my mind because I really appreciated how bloody cool that was.


Manifesting the Moment of Inspiration

And so I started sketching out very simple lines that reflected the image that was in my mind form that night encountering the stag. A form that could be understood and appreciated and ultimately turned into a piece of 3D wearable art handmade form precious metals. Because after all that is my artistic medium of expression. 

stag pendant in silver hangs at an angle is handmade and designed in Ireland by female goldsmith

I also designed the piece face on. I met the stag that night in the dark with his head facing me through the ditch and I felt really privileged to have such an up close encounter. 


It felt special. And that’s something I wanted the wearer of this piece of jewellery to enjoy also.


Stylistic Influence

To help me with the expression I looked to the style of tattoos. Not only could that help me with a contemporary style but because tattoo art always carries some significance for people. I wanted my stag to carry both of these values too. 


And that is how I arrived at the iconic, graphic representation of the Stag.

Whether it’s in its simplest classic form or the luxurious 18ct gold with diamonds on the face piece, I'm told this piece is iconically beautiful. People love its contemporary style - it really appeals to them. As a piece of Celtic jewelry, it certainly represents a very modern Ireland. 


diamonds and 18c gold brooch handmade in Ireland celebrating the native animals

If you’re interested in this gorgeous piece for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch directly. Orders in silver are available without delay but gold is handmade to order - as this is a totally original piece of fine jewellery.

Stag Brooch in 18ct gold & diamonds worn by Justice Eileen Roberts at her appointment to the High Court with Justice Minister, Helen McEntee TD,  President Michael D. Higgins and the Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Stag Brooch in 18ct gold & diamonds worn by Justice Eileen Roberts at her appointment to the High Court with Justice Minister, Helen McEntee TD,  President Michael D. Higgins and the Taoiseach Enda Kenny