Life As A Female Creative Mompreneur - I never sit down.

Life As A Female Creative Mompreneur - I never sit down.

This International Woman’s Day I feel it is important to convey that as women we often end up in self employment.

Why is this?

The traditional corporate world does not usually allow us to be both primary caregiver to children or elderly parents. It’s too much and that world is unforgiving. 

And let’s face it, our instinct, and more often than not men are not built this way, is to be the primary caregiver. I’m not ashamed of this - I embrace it. But we also need to work, for our livelihood and for our mental health & self esteem.

That is one reason that Ireland has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in all Europe! For real.


Positives of being a Mompreneur

Being a Mompreneur however, doesn’t necessarily offer financial stability. It’s hectic. Unforgiving and non stop. But it does allow us to be flexible with our working outside that rigid corporate structure. It gives us time for an extra long hug before school and time tooled an ear when something unsettles them. And having that flexibility of time is one reason I chose to be a Mompreneur.


It also allowed me full creative flow to develop my work. Designing relatable wearable fine jewellery art and creating it by hand in my studio is my life’s passion. Hammering out and shaping metal with my tools and traditional skills to make something coveted is a privilege. And yes while it’s really tough wearing many hats and getting my work out there, I am so very proud of it. 


A passion for what you do

Every day I strive to create jewellery with personal meaning; That is different; That does not conform. I strive to burst open the creative world in Ireland through my vision and launch onto a world stage and I am determined to get there.


In doing this I have a key network of good friends and colleagues I’ve met over the years. They are just deadly - they kind of people that will alas have your back - whether its advice or some tough love. They are genuine and straight taking. And really good craic. Without this network I wouldn’t be where I am today. 


Moreover I can see my sons are proud of their Mum and they can see how hard it is. But how I push through the tough times. I also share my success with them and I believe that sharing my honest self with them will inform and shape the men they become.


Lend Women Your Support

So if you believe in Women and the strength & resilience they find within themselves and for each other, then support them and their businesses this International Women’s Day. Give them a call out. Tell your friends about them & make sure you support them. Because you know that they will equally be there for you.


And yes I rarely sit down. But instead I lie down - in bed wrecked after another challenging but rewarding day.

Happy International Women’s Day, you legends.