Why is “handmade” better?

As an artisan, I believe in the handmade product. Why? Because I know that, like me, someone has taken the time and care to create something beautiful, something truly unique. As someone who uses their hands in their craft I want to share with you why handmade is so valuable.

To say “handmade is better” embodies the idea that products made by hand are of higher quality, are more unique and more valuable than those made by machines. So let’s look at why that is, starting with …..

Machine made - it means mass produced. Machines can be great for some products.They can speed up production, make many of the same piece, make things accessible for people that could not otherwise afford the item. But machines are also filling up our world often with cheap and inferior products that can easily break and are equally disposable as they fill up people’s lives with stuff they simply don’t need. And as we all know, that is not good news for the environment. So let\s look at the positive of "handmade".

1) Real people with real hands

Handmade means there is a real person behind the product. Their hands have crafted a design into a shape that is beautiful. For me “handmade” carries with it a sense of care and attention to detail. Knowing that someone has worked with this item especially and crafted it to the best of their ability makes it extra special. It is thoughtfully made, we’ve considered the design and the wearability, the weight, the shape as we work this item with our hands.

2) Passion for Quality

Handmade products are made by skilled artisans who have honed their craft over years of practice. We artisans take pride in our work. We are passionate about the products we create and this is reflected in the quality of the finished piece. We understand the inherent value of each piece we create. 

3) Exclusively creative

And hand making a product also means it will have a unique character that sets them apart from mass-produced items. Each handmade item is unique, with its own quirks and characteristics. They reflect the artisan’s creativity and artistic style. This adds to its charm and personality, a factor that can never be replicated by a machine-made item. Having something handmade by an artisan also means an element of personalisation or bespoke aspect to the design. Something that is not possible in the mass produced when computers says no. 

4) Sustainable

A Handmade product is a slow product. But for the right reasons. It means something is thoughtfully made. I know that’s how I make my pieces of jewellery. Nothing is mass produced. The total antithesis of fast fashion. Therefore handmade also means sustainable.

5) Green

No large factory also means no large waste. Any waste we create, we use elsewhere. And we make these products locally, so no air miles. And because we work with our hands we are mindful of what are products are actually made of seeking to source as recycled materials, eco friendly packaging to limit our production footprint also. We only make what is required, in small batches and in some cases only to order.  After all we only have two hands.  

6) The human connection

Handmade products often have a story behind them. Whether it’s the inspiration behind the design, the source of the material, or the maker themselves, when you buy a handmade project you become part of the story. And we all love a good story. This combined with the emotional bond one has with handmade goods is a recognition of the human that made them. They are simply more special. 

7) Supporting the local economy

Small businesses are the very backbone of this country.  Indeed more people in the country work in micro enterprises than any other type of employment. Within that the design and craft sector makes up over 100k people. 

Supporting the local economy is key - every euro we spend locally in small independent businesses gives three times more benefits than that spent at a larger establishment or global online corporation. This money, of course, goes right back into the local community, supporting jobs and livelihoods at a local level. So a strong local economy makes our economy stronger still which is good news for all. 

8) Customer Service

And let us not forget the pleasure of dealing with a real life person. When you buy something handmade from the person that made it,  they will ensure it is perfect for your needs. And you have that direct connection with them. Not so with a mass produced item.

In conclusion, the quote "handmade is best" is a reminder that there is something special about products that have been made by hand. From the high quality of the finished product to the unique character a handmade item possesses, their original design, or the person that made them, handmade items are unique and exclusive. They are undoubtedly special and this higher value makes it more meaningful to their owners. So yes handmade rocks!!