Wearing Jewellery in a pandemic


Since March 2020 we've had to rapidly adapt to the changes brought in because of COVID-19. While it's important to adapt to this new world, it's equally if not more important to try and feel like ourselves as much as possible. It's important for our mental health, to help us cope with the enormity of the pandemic and still carry on despite all the restrictions and fear. Whether it is in your home life or work life, it's important to hold onto the things that help you feel like yourself.



Earrings and Facemasks - how to make it work! 

Have you got your ears pierced? Is your go-to piece of jewellery a pair of earrings? Are you of an era when clip ons were the norm? 

 As an avid jewellery junkie, pre pandemic I had embraced the wearing of ear cuffs and ornate ear wraps. I don't have pierced ears and I liked the idea of wearable ear art. But that's gone out the window now too.

The common problem with all of these items in the last year has been the absolute need to wear a face mask when you're out and about. You're fussing hooking on a facemask, trying to not rip your own ear off and get the hair all tangled up and then sanitising everything before you take another step.

And earrings?? Well if you're into healthy danglers, forget it. The hassle of trying to hook around the facemask earhoop without doing yourself a rotten injury simply isn't worth it for some. Some lucky few with small ears are using the earrings as an extra way to keep he mask hooked on, if you can believe that!

Admittedly some clever folk are opting to wear the tieback facemasks to accommodate the earrings. But with half our face covered, necklaces and earrings are one of the key ways left to express our individual personality and sense of style with jewellery.

And with so many earring wearers feeling naked without an ear adornment, the general consensus is smaller stud earrings are the best for facemasks. If you want to wear something that still creates a bit of impact and reflect your style, some concept pieces are perfect. 


Wearing Jewellery for Video Calls

But on the other hand the last year has forced us into the virtual meeting room. The dreaded zoom, which to be fair, is one of the most unflattering but necessary means of communication. If you really are worried about your appearance and not too worried that the hair hasn't been coiffed in months now, well there are certain tips that out instaheroes have been sharing online.


Firstly, the light has to be right - face a window or have soft lighting for table lamps on your desk. It really is important to be able to connect with your online audience in as much as if you were in a real meeting so being ablate see you is important to establishing this connection.


Consider your background and make sure you're not bending into the wall. Seriously, you'd be amazed how you can look like your head is popping out of the wall if you don't wear a colour that contrasts with your background. So if the wall is dark, wear a light shade and vice versa.

Self Presentation

Present a slightly more causal version of yourself than if you were in the office. Maintaining professional standards is important but you are WFH so respectable but not in the full suit is totally fine. No one wants to deal with a slob. We're all struggling with unruly hair these days, but the appearance of being at least groomed is important. So let your zoom self reflect who you normally are. 


Yes people - wear the Jewellery you normally would. More than ever this is a way of keeping people engaged. When all there is to look at is your head, a bit of visual impact is good. It's an opportunity for self expression, and gives off the the impression of you. Whether your'e the statement piece wearer or prefer a dainty minimalist option remember that your style is a way of seeking without words. 

The Benefit of Earrings

Consider earrings to draw the eye up toward your eyes. If you're older and prefer to not emphasis your throat this is an added benefit. Don't feel like you have to wear tiny studs either - they won't even register on a video call. Wear what you normally would. And dangly is great - it adds a bit of movement to a very restrictive space. Pair it with a low collar or collarless top to add let the earrings stand out.

The Beauty of a Brooch

Brooches are not just what your granny wears. They are a really interesting of offsetting the visual angle and can be really interesting impactful pieces for that personal style. 

Rock a Good Necklace

Statement necklaces are a real hit in these pandemic times. Those gorgeous shoes are not visible on a zoom call that only shows for the wait up at best. So dialling up your style with a super necklace on a plain top is a great opportunity to reveal your personality. Just remember to consider where they sit on your bust and angle your camera accordingly. Be conscious of where you're adding emphasis but remember - self expression is absolutely allowed. And you want it to be in frame, so not too long!

Getting Handy

Don't forget your wrists and hands are often visible in these calls. It's human to gesticulate and use your hands to tell a story too. Just look at why we love the Italians! So if enjoying a good nail colour with a statement ring makes you feel good and again shows off your style to your virtual colleagues, then embrace it! Go for something bold, something fun. Because why not!?!?! 


Be Yourself

Things are hard enough for everyone at the moment. And there are so many rules that we can often feel like shadows of our former selves. But just trying to be yourself can often really help. So while a lot of blogs will set out "tips" ie rules for how to appear professional on a zoom call. What I'm saying is Be Yourself. Don't feel like you can't wear your big statement pendant or your favourite jangly earrings. Video calling is a very artificial connection so make it easier by just being yourself. You've enough to be worrying about.